Sunday, October 27, 2013

My Dream Wedding

Yes, Alvin and I will be tying the knot. I'm blessed to have a caring and understanding man to be my husband. Growing up, my parents were the dearest people to me (they still are). They love me and my sister more than anything in the world. Without them, I wouldn't be who I am today. They are truly the wind beneath our wings. It's very important that they approve of all the choices I make in life. Knowing I'll be entering this new phase of life with their blessing, I am forever grateful.

All brides agree that planning for a wedding can be overwhelming but also fun at the same time. I used to think that it wouldn't be difficult if all I want is to keep it simple. After picking up several issues of Brides magazine, thing has changed. Now, everything from the wedding favor to the bridal bouquet seems like the most important thing to me. There are simply too many irresistable choices. I'm skeptical when people say that you can plan a dream wedding without blowing the budget. I'm already blowing mine. Thankfully, I can always turn to my sister for advice. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Movie Night!

Finally, I can stop using exams and assignments as excuses for the lack of updates. Alvin and I have been busy with....stuff! So, watch this space for some announcements. :)

In the mean time, allow me to update you on our Euro trip this coming winter. Actually, we decided to tour Italy for our annual family vacation and since Malaysia Airline doesn't fly direct to any of the Italian city, my brother-in-law is such a fan of English Premier league and I have been wanting to watch the West End Musical, so we thought it's great to drop by London before moving on to Italy. To set the mood, Alvin and I whipped up a platter of Italian antipasto for our movie night at home, accompanied by a bottle of wine from the Chianti region with our glasses from Villa Danieli (gifts for Valentine's Day).

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Travel Essentials

I went through the last few weeks being buried under a mountain of assignments and struggling to recover from being sick. Saying that I've been under the radar is an understatement. I'm still coughing while I'm typing this but I can't abandon my blog for too long, can I? So, what happened in the last few weeks? I believe nobody wants to know the medicine I had while I was sick or the assignments I'm working on. So, here's something more interesting. We have confirmed our flights to London for the coming winter. The first time I set foot in London was 10 years ago. Running around Britain with my best friend, Yves is an amazing memory. Fast forward a decade later, this time, it's even better because I'm going with people I love the most: my family & Alvin. It's Valleraine's first real winter in Europe. How lovely! Also, it's more than just an annual family vacation. Well, I'm not ready to reveal more about the trip but stay tune. :)

In the mean time, I put together a post of essential items that I normally carry with me when I travel. I have a serious case of claustrophobia, which is why I need a lot of reading materials to keep me occupied for a long-haul flight.

Monday, April 8, 2013

TSC Weekly: Issue #5

Royal Flush Restaurant

It has been an oriental weekend for me and my family. We started the weekend with a dinner to celebrate my sister's birthday at the Royal Flush Chinese restaurant. The exterior of the restaurant is so majestic that it looks like a real palace, only smaller. We then had two rounds of "dimsum" at Steam Room and Concorde Hotel throughout the weekend. Here's something you probably do not know about me: Although I may never learn the right way to hold a pair of chopsticks but I can't seem to live without it. I actually eat spaghetti with chopsticks whenever I'm at home. I inherit only half the "chopstick genes". Haha!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Marini on 57

Pleasant dinner at a great restaurant to celebrate family or friend's birthday is one of the little gestures I enjoy giving. Marini on 57 is one those restaurants with remarkable food, impeccable service and meticulous presentation. No surprise that I chose to celebrate Alvin's birthday there on last Thurday. Reservation was initially made for Wednesday but we had to cancel considering I had an unavoidable presentation to give. I'm glad that Alvin has always been very understanding and supportive of my busy schedule. Well, he is very busy himself too. So, we had a drink at the bar before moving over to the restaurant. View from 57th floor was breathtaking.

Another important celebration was my sister's birthday at the Royal Flush chinese restaurant. My mom came back all the way to have a birthday dinner with her. Although my dad is rather tied up with busy work schedule, it just give us an excuse for another round of dinner when he comes back next week. :)

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