Saturday, March 30, 2013

Accessories: Bling It On!

I was going through my collection of accessories, deciding on which goes with my outfit, suddenly I was prompted to take photos of them. Although you might have seen them before, I decide they deserve a post of their own. When it comes to accessorizing, a small dose of bling immediately adds glamour to the outfit. These are some of my favorite accessories that you might see over and over again. Hope you like them and have a great weekend. :)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

TSC Weekly: Issue #4

I spent my Saturday discussing assignments with friends at university campus. Pursuing a master's degree has really been an eye-opener for me. I would say meeting people from different background is the highlight of the course. I enjoy listening to experiences from investment & central bankers, financial analysts, aerospace and automotive engineers. I have learned to think critically and strategically. I'm a changed person.

For Sunday brunch, Alvin and I gave The Red Bean Bag a try. Their "Eggs Atlantic" with smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce did not disappoint. We also bought home some pretty pastries (not from the same cafe). Pictures of the week ahead. Hope you like them. Now, I gotta run and help Alvin cooks. :)

Tea party for two at home

Sunday, March 17, 2013

TSC Weekly: Issue #3

When I can't seem to find anything in my wardrobe, I realize it's time for reorganization. So, I stayed-in on a Saturday morning for a little housekeeping. I can barely contain myself when I found some "lost treasures" at the back of my wardrobe. They are mostly birthday gifts from my parents and Alvin from last year.

This week, I also got to spend some quality time with my sister, while bonding with my baby niece, Valleraine. This little girl has changed my perspective towards little monsters. I'm pretty sure she casts a spell on me. My heart melts like a gelato on a sunny day at the sight of her. Maybe it's in the way her tiny hand held mine. The way she parted her lips to give me a kiss. The way she held her arms out and said, "bao bao", asking me to carry her. Or perhaps...perhaps it's in the way she pulled her grandfather's leg hair and laughed mischievously. Dad, I feel for you but it's so crazy funny that I kinda enjoy watching it. Haha!

On a different note, today's dinner is a creative cook-up of leftovers in the fridge. Considering we stocked up a trolley full of fresh produce from Village Grocer, leftovers in the fridge have to make ways for the fresh ones. Coming from a frugal background, wasting food is a big no-no for Alvin. In fact, the dinner is quite delightful. I'll leave you with photos of the week. :)

Salvatore Ferragamo Purse

Ferragamo purse my mom got me for my birthday last year. The color is so delicious! Good taste runs in the family. :)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

TSC Weekly: Issue #2

Japanese restaurant

Can you believe another week had passed? I feel like I'm always pressed for time. Do you experience the same? Anyway, my weekdays are about home, work and classes as usual. On Saturday however, I managed to squeeze in a little pampering session for myself and got my nails manicured. I also ran some errands and got my driver's license renewed before having a huge brunch by myself at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf since Alvin works on Saturdays. At night, it was dinner date. We had Japanese yet again. Sundays are mostly about our grocery shopping routine. This week, we went a little overboard with exotic spices and gourmet vinegar. Sunday dinner was a home cook meal. I made baked rice while Alvin grilled some scallops and baked a block of salmon. I wished I had documented it for our "Plat du jour" section but we were too hungry to do that. I'm hoping to make the baked rice again soon. Watch out for it on "Plat du jour" section. I wish you a good week ahead. :)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

TSC Weekly

I'm glad to finally write my first post of TSC Weekly. This section comprises of photos that are either a summary of my week or something that inspires me. Last week was the start of another semester, which means the start of new assignments and meeting new people. I spend most of my weekdays travelling between home, work and evening classes. On weekends, Alvin and I typically go shopping for groceries and eat some Japanese food. I need my agedashi tofu at least once a week. This week, we also spent some time scouring Ikea for kitchen utensils and Kinokuniya for some good books. How was your week? I hope you had a great one. See you next week on TSC Weekly. :)

H&M bag, Zara bag

My current favorites. I foresee that they will continue to be loved until they start falling apart.
H&M tote bag / Zara duffel bag

Friday, March 1, 2013

Plat du jour: Spicy Spaghetti with Prawns

Some of you is probably aware of my on-again, off-again relationship with my blog. It's not that I don't love it but sometimes my schedule can get so crazy that the last thing I want to worry about is if my clothes match my shoes.

Still, I can't believe this is my first post for the year 2013. In order to dicipline myself to update constantly, I'm getting Alvin involved. We're starting two new sections for the blog: 1) Plat du jour and 2) TSC Weekly. As the name implies, Plat du jour is about food but it's neither a restaurant review nor suggestion for recipe but simply the food we cook for ourselves. Alvin and I love nothing more than staying-in to watch the Asian Food Channel. More often than not, we find ourselves saying, "Hey, that doesn't look so difficult. Maybe we can give it a try". So I thought why not document them as well? If you know me personally, you will know that I can't cook to save my life. Alvin does most of the cooking and takes most of the photos while I ermm....enjoy them?

TSC (The Style Chemistry) Weekly on the other hand is a weekly update of my life and things that inspire me. Although I may not be able to write a full post sometimes, I'm hoping to at least share a short post of nice photos.

Back to our plat du jour, it's spicy spaghetti with prawns. Ingredients are as follow along with some olive oil and butter. The tanginess of the "chili padi" leaves me craving for more. Hope you like the post. Bon appetit! :)

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