Sunday, March 10, 2013

TSC Weekly: Issue #2

Japanese restaurant

Can you believe another week had passed? I feel like I'm always pressed for time. Do you experience the same? Anyway, my weekdays are about home, work and classes as usual. On Saturday however, I managed to squeeze in a little pampering session for myself and got my nails manicured. I also ran some errands and got my driver's license renewed before having a huge brunch by myself at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf since Alvin works on Saturdays. At night, it was dinner date. We had Japanese yet again. Sundays are mostly about our grocery shopping routine. This week, we went a little overboard with exotic spices and gourmet vinegar. Sunday dinner was a home cook meal. I made baked rice while Alvin grilled some scallops and baked a block of salmon. I wished I had documented it for our "Plat du jour" section but we were too hungry to do that. I'm hoping to make the baked rice again soon. Watch out for it on "Plat du jour" section. I wish you a good week ahead. :)

Forever 21 bracelet, Forever 21 ring

Forever 21 accessories to go with my Saturday's outfit.

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