Sunday, March 3, 2013

TSC Weekly

I'm glad to finally write my first post of TSC Weekly. This section comprises of photos that are either a summary of my week or something that inspires me. Last week was the start of another semester, which means the start of new assignments and meeting new people. I spend most of my weekdays travelling between home, work and evening classes. On weekends, Alvin and I typically go shopping for groceries and eat some Japanese food. I need my agedashi tofu at least once a week. This week, we also spent some time scouring Ikea for kitchen utensils and Kinokuniya for some good books. How was your week? I hope you had a great one. See you next week on TSC Weekly. :)

H&M bag, Zara bag

My current favorites. I foresee that they will continue to be loved until they start falling apart.
H&M tote bag / Zara duffel bag

Ikea food, Ikea poached salmon

Am I weird if I say I love Ikea's food? I particularly love the poached salmon with some garden salad on the side.

Everybody needs some great stationeries to make doing assignments more interesting. Or is it less boring?

Chocolate gift from Sheraton Hotel

 I still couldn't bring myself to eat this chocolate from Sheraton Hotel. It's just too pretty.

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