Saturday, April 6, 2013

Marini on 57

Pleasant dinner at a great restaurant to celebrate family or friend's birthday is one of the little gestures I enjoy giving. Marini on 57 is one those restaurants with remarkable food, impeccable service and meticulous presentation. No surprise that I chose to celebrate Alvin's birthday there on last Thurday. Reservation was initially made for Wednesday but we had to cancel considering I had an unavoidable presentation to give. I'm glad that Alvin has always been very understanding and supportive of my busy schedule. Well, he is very busy himself too. So, we had a drink at the bar before moving over to the restaurant. View from 57th floor was breathtaking.

Another important celebration was my sister's birthday at the Royal Flush chinese restaurant. My mom came back all the way to have a birthday dinner with her. Although my dad is rather tied up with busy work schedule, it just give us an excuse for another round of dinner when he comes back next week. :)

Celebration would not be complete without a glass of bubbles

Marini on 57
Norwegian cod fish with Hollandaise sauce

Marini on 57
Maine lobster that came with the pasta was unforgettable

Massimo Dutti dress

Massimo Dutti dress / Victoria's Secret clutch / Lewre heels

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