Sunday, August 11, 2013

Movie Night!

Finally, I can stop using exams and assignments as excuses for the lack of updates. Alvin and I have been busy with....stuff! So, watch this space for some announcements. :)

In the mean time, allow me to update you on our Euro trip this coming winter. Actually, we decided to tour Italy for our annual family vacation and since Malaysia Airline doesn't fly direct to any of the Italian city, my brother-in-law is such a fan of English Premier league and I have been wanting to watch the West End Musical, so we thought it's great to drop by London before moving on to Italy. To set the mood, Alvin and I whipped up a platter of Italian antipasto for our movie night at home, accompanied by a bottle of wine from the Chianti region with our glasses from Villa Danieli (gifts for Valentine's Day).
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